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31 Twelve Music Group came about from realising the difficulties most artists face today. Whether that be getting songs produced to a high quality at a reasonable price, creating regular good quality, engaging content for Social Media, or writing professional documents such as Press Releases & EPK’s..  along with the plethora of other jobs on the typical artists ‘To-Do’ lists! 

We’re now in an era where being an artist doesn’t just involve writing songs, and performing live. You need to be a performer, writer, producer, manager, booking agent, content creator, photographer, as well as navigate the admin, legal and music business world which can all become overwhelming and difficult to manage long term. 

After performing in bands and being a solo artist for over 10 years, I wanted to create something unique that would at least take some of the weight off and provide you with a multi-service solution to the most important parts of what being a musician today entails.

Get in touch to discuss your goals & to enquire about working together!

Tim Nova - Singer-Songwriter / Producer & Founder of 31 Twelve Music Group

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